Makers’ Guild: Supporting Personal Fabrication

Makers’ Guild is a new not-for-profit organisation, offering support for makers and personal fabricators.

The Launch Lunch on 14 July is an opportunity to hear some fascinating speakers, meet other makers and define what the Makers’ Guild can do for you. 

Makers’ Guild aims to:

  • encourage knowledge and equipment sharing
  • connect people with different skills
  • be a forum for lobbying
  • and a resource for legal, technical and business advice


12:00: Welcome from NESTA and Fiddian Warman and Rachel Coldicutt, Makers’ Guild

12:10: Talks and Inspiration

12:40: Discussion – Shaping Makers’ Guild

13:15 Lunch and networking

14:00 Close

Speakers include:

  • Scott Burnham: writer, creative director and strategist for design and urban initiatives, working with cities, institutions and publications worldwide.
  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino: product designer, entrepreneur, consultant, strategist and blogger on Internet of Things & Interaction design
  • Assa Ashuach: designer, specialising in additive manufacturing and product customisation and MA Design leader at London Metropolitan Uni
  • Jonty Wareing, London Hackspace founder,

Hardware demonstrations from Martin Stevens of

Makers’ Guild is organised by Fiddian Warman and Rachel Coldicutt

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