Our next event will be on Making and Learning, followed by Making and Cycling at our new home Makerversity in Somerset House, dates TBC. We are also planning workshops around CAD training and Workflow for Maker businesses.

Our last event was around Wearable Tech on July 17th.

The fusion of clothing, fashion and accessories with technology and data is a delightful playground for makers. Marrying traditional crafts with electronics, micro-controllers, Internet of Things, personal data logging etc. the scope for maker exploration is vast. We also love the way Wearable Tech is by nature so intimate and meaningful to its users and believe this still nascent domain will become part of our everyday lives so it’s important right minded creative folk help set the agenda now.

We are delighted to have one of Wearable Tech’s most prolific and prominent practitioners Rain Ashford giving an intro to wearable tech, sci-fi, cyborgs, etc. and then talking through a few examples of her work. See her blog at and follow @rainycat for more on Rain and her wonderful work.

Next up will be Camille from ‘Hacking the Body’ a project about biosensors, wearables and performance. This research explores using the concept of hacking data to re-purpose and re-imagine biofeedback from the body. It investigates understandings of states of the body and hacking them to make new artworks such as performance, installation and visual artefacts. @Hacking_Body

Finally we have Alex Glowaski (aka Merlin) who is a curious person who works at Sauce Labs. She inhabits hackerspaces (from AHA toNoisebridge) and makerspaces (currently TechShop, with my comrades at ProtoTank). Alex’s creative hacks shake up the worlds of wearables, music and cycling amongst others. Alex is going to talk about exciting projects around NFC find out more about Alex’s work on her blog and twitter @glowascii.

Please also bring along any examples of your work (wearable or not) to share and discuss with others.

RSVP and find out more about the Makers’ Guild events at our Meetup page.

We now are considering topics for upcoming monthly events,  these are current contenders::

  1. Biohacking
  2. Making and fine art
  3. Will making change/challenge mass consumption?
  4. Making and data. What is big/open data? What are some visualisations of data?
  5. Digital fabrication techniques for crafters or The Intersection of Making and craft
  6. Intro to laser cutting and techniques
  7. Intro to 3D printing and techniques
  8. How is it possible to make money from making?

Please let us know what you think about the above or suggest new topics in the comments or email: fiddian {at} makersguild {dot} org

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